Ultra luxury

For the most exclusive experiences, we offer the possibility of meeting with you, offering you a personalized and private service with total discretion. Wherever you tell us, in a comfortable and pleasant environment where we can chat and listen to your ideas in order to understand your needs. and to be able to advise you and offer you the best of experiences.

Private Jets

We take care of all the aspects related to obtaining a private jet for your trip. Enjoy the significant benefits of flying in a private jet, avoiding restrictive flight schedules and time-consuming layovers.


We offer a careful and exclusive selection of the best villas anywhere in the world. Spectacular Villas with Exceptional Locations. Whether traveling with the family, a group of friends, or a romantic getaway, we have an outstanding luxury home for every occasion and length of stay, along with the ultimate in personalized service.

Private Islands

We offer the most spectacular and exclusive private islands. A careful selection of the best. Incredible islands for any occasion, be it a trip with your family, a group of friends, a romantic getaway or for any event, we have the perfect island for you. Get lost somewhere on the planet and feel like in paradise.

Super yachts

Experience the privacy, freedom and well-being of sailing anywhere in the world, be it a secret corner or sailing on the high seas. We have the best super yachts for rent, we customize every detail according to your preferences. We offer you a wide variety of experiences to cover all your needs both on land and at sea.


We take care of all the logistics in any destination.


Whether on the high seas or on land we have the best chefs, also enjoy the restaurants or nightlife in any destination. We know the best places for you to enjoy luxury and privacy.


Sunbathe on an idyllic beach, take an excursion with the best guides or dive with expert divers. We will work with your team and plan your favorite activities.

Unique experiences designed for you