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Our carefully selected safaris will bring you up close and thrill to some of the most unique and exciting wildlife on the planet. It’s time to venture on safari to find the most authentic nature, to think freely about animals. One of the most sublime experiences that everyone should have at least once in their life.

Cruise ships

Explore a wide range of cruise options with the best selection of cruise lines with vessels of all sizes, including private cruises where you will find elegance, sophistication, and luxury in relaxing and intimate settings. You can rest in the best suites, personalized attention and haute cuisine.

Around the World

Original and unique, our world tours cleverly combine classic destinations and unexpected stops in an unusual loop to attract the most experienced travelers.


Explore one of the last truly unspoiled places in the world: majestic mountains, icy straits, huge glaciers, and blocks of ice beautifully carved by nature. Travel and explore Antarctica and see numerous marine birds and mammals: Penguins, Crabeater Seals, Weddell and Leopard Seals, Humpback Whale, Minke Whale, Elephant Seal, Killer Whales. Itineraries and activities planned by our expert guides who know where to find wildlife and will share their knowledge and experience with you at all times.


Enjoy the glamor and relaxation of a train trip, they are an incredible way to discover a country, a region or even multiple destinations around the world. Equipped with all the comforts, these luxury trains have excellent restaurants, cafeterias, wonderful suites and in some cases, even spa cars. Only part of the landscape can be discovered by train, and the environment is an important part of enjoying these incredible routes.

Gastronomy and oenology

Sometimes the best gastronomic and wine experiences are found in unexpected places. Let yourself be carried away on a journey of sensations and creativity of haute cuisine. Enjoy innovative gastronomic ideas, delight yourself with minimalist signature dishes, or enjoy a wine tasting. We offer you luxury experiences ideal for lovers of food and wine.

Art and Culture

Feel the creative, aesthetic and immersive experiences that allow you to experience art in the first person. Enjoy the exclusive advantages of having the best museums and art galleries at your entire disposal, both for a private tour with a guide or to celebrate any event.